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RINO milk carton. An open letter to the RINO GOP:

I am a voter who has since age 21 voted Republican.

But I won't ever vote for a liberal — and because there are no longer "Democrats" and "Republicans" as the two parties have apparently merged and become one, I'm no longer voting at all.

You can thank John Boehner and people like McCain, Graham, Bush III, Christie and other RINOs for this, as they capitulated and sold out our country to the likes of Mexico and all points south, east, and west. Not so much the north. Not just yet.

And if you believe that a single one of the millions of illegal aliens and Muslims that Obama has and continues to illegally import will vote for a GOP candidate you are truly pathetically deranged.

Every day Boehner and his crowd give me another reason to NOT vote for "the lesser of two evils" (the GOP) — and so I have decided to do so: I will not vote.

And this brings us to Bush — the 'great' Dubbya…

On December 7, 2014, on Pearl Harbor Day no less, Bush — the biggest RINO faker of them all — broke his rule to not meddle in political affairs and made the dumbest, most idiotic remark I've ever heard from a so-called "Republican."

Buah waded into the Eric Gardner affair in New York City and stupidly said he "couldn't see how the Grand Jury reached its decision."

In other words, Bush thinks a lawless black guy who refused lawful orders of the police and became physical should NOT have been dealt with? Bush is indeed a moron, sitting in a rocking chair on a porch in Texas making pronouncements he should keep to himself!

But Bush had another motive. He was setting the stage for his RINO brother Jebbie to become the latest member of the Bush dynasty to run for President, sucking up to the black community, stupidly believing his brother would get votes by backing up "the black dude."

Proving that all RINO politicians suck!

I will not hold my nose and vote because the stench is too great. And I will never, no matter what vote for a 'RINO' candidate who seem to be the Republican Party's 'new breed,' and apparently the only form or politics your party (no longer mine) embraces these days.

The GOP has abandoned American principles and now markets the philosophy of self-serving elitists like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg — interested only in cheap labor. The GOP has thus become the party of stupidity.

That was your choice. We will make ours. And I've made mine as I assure you will MILLIONS of other wise Americans who have had all they can stomach from the 'new' Republican Party: the RINO Party.

You will learn, sadly the hard way, that patronizing the left and ignoring the right will earn you only scorn and defeat. If you are foolish enough to believe that you will garner votes on the left by bending low and kissing the derrieres of foreigners and illegal aliens, you are truly pathetic.

NO MORE RINOS!. I will no longer be a party to your suicidal plunge — and have therefore decided to abandon politics until, at least, the GOP wises up and deals with people like Obama and the vicious left.

But since I don't believe that will happen any time soon, you have lost me, my family, and many of our friends and other Americans for good.

John Boehner & Co. have gone too far.

Your behavior is akin to a World Series or Super Bowl team forfeiting a game in a temper tantrum foot-stomping tirade or "it's my way or no way."

Start figuring out how you're going to deal with the slaughter of the Republican Party in 2016 because you will most likely have to do precisely that.

You are committing political suicide by giving Obama everything he wants, and you are contributing to the destruction of the United States of America.

I can no longer vote holding my nose, as I'm watching the country I grew up in be destroyed BY BOTH SIDES.

Until Republicans become Republicans again, I'm done with you.